Everything You Need To Know About Private Practice But Didn't Know To Ask

Tame the overwhelm and start seeing clients! | taught by Jennifer O'Neill
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What if you could successfully set up your practice without the mistakes most therapists make? 

What if you could do it all without feeling stressed out and overwhelmed?

This course is designed to do just that. It will help you successfully get your private practice up and running. Eleven course lessons cover everything from the logistics of running a business to how to avoid ethical and legal trouble when you’re out there on your own.

Don't waste time figuring it all out on your own. This master course is going to save you buckets of time and anxiety! I've got all the information you need in easy to understand lessons that guide you step by step through exactly what you need to know. 

I also cover you with an unconditional 15-day money back guarantee. No worries!

Here’s everything you’ll learn when you enroll in the Master Course:

The Logistics You Need to Know to Run Your Private Practice (We’ll Dive Deep!)

1. I show you exactly how and where to get a business license. 

2. Paying your taxes so you don’t get fined at the end of the year.

3. How a CPA can save you headaches and money.

4. Liability insurance – you don’t want to go without protection!

5. NPI Numbers - what they are and why you need one. 

6. Property taxes for your business.

7. What a Professional Will is and why you need one.

8. The perks of joining a professional organization.

9. The low down on websites, including why you need one and how to get it.

10. How to track your finances so you don’t end up a stressed-out mess at the end of the year.

11. Managing your schedule so you stay sane.

Successfully Tackle Your Money Demons – Get Out of Your Own Way

1. Giving yourself permission to make money and charge what you’re worth. I hit you up with an awesome exercise to help you figure out and manage all your money obstacles, including how to talk to clients about money without having a panic attack. (I’ll tell you exactly what to say!).

2. Setting your rates, including important information about how to manage sliding scales and low-fee spots so you don’t get into ethical trouble.  

3. Handling no-show and late cancellation charges.

4. What you need to cover in your policies when it comes to your fees.

5. How to take payments from clients, including how to handle credit cards.

6. Important tips that will keep you legal.

7. A Super Important Tip that will help you avoid owing estimated taxes at the end of the quarter with no way to pay for them!

Understand Exactly What You Need in Your Forms

1. Office Policies and Informed Consent for Treatment – what to include and how to cover yourself ethically and legally.

2. Privacy Practices are a must.

3. Receipt of Privacy Practices.

4. Release of Information – how to do this so you don’t break confidentiality.

5. Client Information Form.

Find and Create an Awesome Office Space

1. Finding a space that’s right for you. I’ve given you all the details to look for!

2. Improvements you can ask your landlord for that will make it your dream office.

3. How to make it your signature space.

Establish Your Professional Identity

1. Create that ever elusive niche to help bring in clients. I’ve got you covered with a guide to help you figure this out.

2. Defining the type of clients you want to see so you know exactly what to ask for.

3. Defining your practice so people know which ideal clients to send your way.

4. How to determine what’s a “full-time practice” for you. I’ve even given you a calculator to help you figure it out.

5. Visual presentation matters.

6. Why ethics help to define your identity.

Clinical Considerations – Some Crucial Advice to Keep You Out of Trouble

1. How to get support and how not to get support (avoid a HIPAA violation!).

2. Handling client requests, like letters and evaluations, so you don’t blow it and get yourself into ethical and legal hot water.

3. CPS reports when you’re out there on your own. They’re hard.

4. Managing availability to clients so you’re not working 24/7.

5. HIPAA vs confidentiality and why you need to know this.

Issues Specific to Working with Children in Private Practice

1. Why you want to include both parents.

2. Why mixing therapy and evaluation roles is a fast track to a licensing complaint.

3. Custody recommendations.

Tackling Insurance

1. Should you accept insurance in your private practice?  

2. How to get on panels.

3. In-network vs out-of-network status.

4. How to find out if mental health coverage has been subcontracted, and what it means for your in-network status.

5. All the nitty gritty on how to bill insurance, including how much to bill, and how to avoid committing insurance fraud.

6. Deductibles, CoPays, and Coinsurance – what they are and how to handle them so you get paid.

7. How to manage no-show and late cancellation fees with insurance clients.

8. Why you need to get a copy of the client’s driver’s license.

9. Insurance and informed consent. How to help the client understand exactly what they are consenting to when they use their insurance.

Understand Electronic Health Records

1. What they are and why you need one (or do you?).

2. How to find a system that's right for you.


1. Secure vs compliant and why it matters.

2. BAA – what the heck it is and why you’ll never be HIPAA compliant without one.

3. OOPS – how to avoid a HIPAA violation

Dealing with Attorneys So You Don’t Have a Panic Attack

1. Understanding their role.

2. How to avoid being intimidated and instead take charge.

3. How you can work collaboratively with them and get lots of referrals!

Jennifer O'Neill
Jennifer O'Neill

Hey There!

I created this course because I adore mentoring other therapists. I’ve had so many conversations over the years with people just like you, starting out in private practice. At some point in the conversation, they always end up saying, “Wow, thank you! This is so helpful!” After yet another person told me, “Hey, you should teach a class on this stuff.” I decided it was time to actually do it.

I sat down, opened my laptop, and started writing. The course wrote itself. I love this stuff. I’m excited to bring it to you!

But who am I and why should you listen to me? I mean, that’s the question if you’re plunking down your money hoping for some sage advice. I’ve been around for a moment. I’ve been in the mental health field since 1987 (I know right?!). I’ve been a therapist since 1997. If you’re doing the math that’s… well, it’s a long time. Over 20 years. Man, how did that go by so fast? But it has. I still love it. 

I started my therapy career at a wonderful agency in California called the Early Childhood Counseling Center. While I was there, in addition to my therapy work, I also enjoyed supervising other therapists and graduate students. I served as both the Clinical Director and then the Executive Director. Being the head honcho reminded me I’m a therapist, not a big boss (even though I can be bossy). I left the agency after 10 years and started my first private practice in California. In 2011 I moved to Michigan where I started my second practice. I offer online sessions to clients in both California and Michigan and am licensed as a clinical social worker in both.

I’ve also been right where you are right now. Twice. I’ve built not just one, but two successful private practices. So, I know you, I feel you, and I get you.  I can help. I know what you need to know. Even those things you don’t even realize you need to know yet. Some of them took me years to figure out. Don’t be me. You don’t need to waste all that time and energy. You seriously don’t need to end up a stressed-out mess trying to figure out what you need to know. Soak up my wisdom and hard-earned knowledge right here. I’ve got your back!

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